See what customers are saying about our planks.

It’s so easy to make Salmon on a plank. Once the briquets are up to temp I put the plank on for 15 minutes and it’s cooked to perfection. These planks are a little thicker and shorter than those we bought in the store last year. Which works because I use a small grill for planking and I used to actually cut the other planks down to size. I used to use a gas grill but believe that spraying water on the flare-ups hastened the demise of the gas element. When I bought my new grill the instructions specifically said to not spray water on the grill. The smaller grill doesn’t allow for enough air flow for flare-ups so I can just put the plank on the grill, put the top on (slightly a jar to allow for some air, let the briquets extinguish), and wait 15 minutes.
— Joy | Royal Oak, MI
Cedar planks give grilled foods a wonderful smoked flavor. I use them for fish and chicken. The prices for the planks are so much more cost efficient than any other store. I purchased 5 packages!
— Jocelyn | New York, NY
Started grilling fish with planks recently. These planks are great. Large size accommodate’s a large fillet or several smaller ones. Adds a nice cedar smoked flavor to the fish. Your family or guests will enjoy the benefits of this cooking method. Ordering more for next season.
— Chelsea | Edina, MN
If you really wanted to move your BBQ cooking up a notch...this is it: All Natural Cedar Grilling Planks... Fresh Atlantic Salmon or a Chilean Sea bass are ideal for this cooking type. The flavor of the fish, blended with the Cedar ain’t get better!
— John | Miami, FL
Very satisfied with the purchase of alder planks for bbq. Online purchase & delivery was very efficient. I am never disappointed with your products and service.
— Tom | San Francisco, CA